Chili's Menu Recreation

With this project, the class was tasked with taking a menu of a restaurant that we know and recreate it using InDesign. With this project the teacher wanted us to get used to using InDesign because it was the first project we had done in InDesign. For this project, I decided to recreate Chili's menu. I went to their website and looked at their current menu items and got the pictures to use and inserted them into the menu. One of the biggest problems I had with this menu was spacing because at first, I was trying to put too much information on the page. I went online and found Chili's font to use to make it look more authentic and the final project is shown above.

Project Details

  • Class: Advanced Digital Media
  • Type: Graphic Design, Adobe InDesign
  • Role: Entire Project
  • Date: Early 2018
Project Project Project Project

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